Cleaning Products


Griffin Chemical Co., LLC, W.O.W! Brand Products Consumer Division, is pleased to announce, The ONE! . A Quaternary-Based Commercial Degreasing Cleaner Concentrate.

The ONE! is a novel cleaning chemical concentrate that creates up to 25 different end use cleaning chemical products for Janitorial Services, Educational Institutions, Lodging, Foodservice, Property Management, Automotive Detail, and Environmental Services Depts. This unique “Dual Diluter” allows the user to simply dial the cleaning application desired on the dispenser, under Hi Flow (buckets/ scrubber/extractors) or Lo flow (Trigger Spray Bottles) and clean the surfaces desired. When the user desires to clean a different surface, simply identify the surface needed to be cleaned from the numbered application chart, dial to the number desired, and dispense.

The Dual Diluter wall mount system or cart unit simply mixes the concentrate with your tap water. Use of The ONE! reduces numerous hazardous chemicals & exposures, errors, misuse, injuries, duplicitous inventories, and it’s up to 50% cheaper than what you’re spending now on competitive cleaning chemicals.

For more information contact Griffin Chemical Co., LLC, W.O.W! Brand Consumer Products Division @ 1-877-792-8389 or on the web @