yes YES™

yes YES™

yes YES™

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Specifically formulated to be used manually or with steam and hot water pressure cleaners.

Our Floor Care (VCT, Wood & Concrete) finishes do not contain NMP or  Heavy Metals  

MEET OR EXCEED  Green Seal: GS-37, GS-11, GS-40 & GS-43

yes YES™

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yes Yes™ represents the latest updated hard floor surface care technology. This new chemistry results in slick looking, non slick footing and durability from scuff and black heel marks. yes Yes™ wears well on brutal floor traffic patterns where daily maintenance may be impossible.

yes Yes™ is designed for use with conventional application equipment and can be applied utilizing new gravity feed dispensing programs and is designed not to clog these new systems. yes Yes™ exhibits great adhesion to raw, stripped or scrubbed surfaces.

yes Yes™ Dries quickly and levels evenly into a initial hi gloss appearance that is easily maintained and removed via W.O.W! Branded Hard Floor Care Maintenance Products.

1 gallon bottles.
5 gallon pails.
55 gallon drums.
275 gallon totes.
5000 & 10000 gallon rail, truck or sea containers.

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Flash point:
Health: 1
Water solubility:
Flammability: 0
Boiling point:
Reactivity: 0
Pers. Prot.: