The ONE™ Hyper-Concentrated Quaternary-Based Degreasing System

The ONE™ Hyper-Concentrated Quaternary-Based Degreasing System
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A Hyper-Concentrate, Quaternary-Based, Degreasing Cleaner System For Car Detail and Facility Cleaning.

The ONE™The ONE™ Hyper-Concentrated Quaternary-Based Degreasing System

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The ONE™ Brand Commercial was designed as a highly concentrated DEGREASING CLEANER for industrial users who want an industrial product for use in property management, janitorial and carpet cleaning services, schools, and hotel/motel operations, and residential applications. The ONE™ Brand Commercial performs where others dare not go. The ONE™ Brand Commercial is one product, that through manual or automatic proportioning produces 8-10 different products per use as in other conventional competitive systems.

The ONE™ Brand Commercial is perfect for window, glass, Plexiglas, stainless steel, aluminum, whitewalls, engine degreasing, carpet and upholstery cleaning, tar and oil stain removing, concrete cleaning, soap scum, small engine apparatus cleaning, aluminum siding, aluminum gutters, vinyl siding, exterior plastic furniture (especially hard-to-clean white outdoor furniture used on cruise ships, resort hotels & restaurants) etc., wooden pressure treated and plastic decks, locker rooms, bathroom cleaning, and window cleaning.

Other applications are as a general degreaser in the same or similar areas where carbonaceous soils come into play. Specifically formulated to work used manually or with steam and hot water pressure cleaners. The ONE™ Brand Commercial is enhanced so as to retard scale and salt build-up on jets and seals to reduce aggravating breakdowns and clog-ups.

1 gallon bottles (4L)
5 gallon pails (20L)
55 gallon drums (220L)
275 gallon totes (1000L)
5000 & 10000 gallon rail, truck or sea containers.

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Publishing Soon