The Green Stuff™

The Green Stuff™

The Green Stuff™

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One Product for Many Applications

The Green Stuff Ready-to-Use Factory Packs A-D

The Green Stuff™
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The Green Stuff
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The Green Stuff Mini
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The Green Stuff™ is a corrosion-inhibited, light foaming, easy-rinse detergent for many types of surfaces. It removes carbon staining and other hard-to-clean stains.

Environmentally Friendly
Concentrated – Just add water.
Can also be used in our Uni-foamer, or automatic car and pressure washers.
Leaves a shine to resist future soiling

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Flash point: none
Health: 0
Water solubility: complete
Flammability: 0
Boiling point: near 212F
Color: Green
Reactivity: 0
Scent: Citrus
Pers. Prot.: 1

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