TFR PLUS™ Transportation Cleaner

TFR PLUS™ Transportation Cleaner


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Transportation Cleaner & Interior Cleaner Film Remover with the Cana Instant Shine Formula.


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TFR Plus™ Transportation Cleaner can be used to clean interiors as well as exteriors of the most sensitive mass transportation vehicles as well as other modes of fleet vehicles, such as trucks, motor homes, boats, and planes. This non-caustic based material is most economical as well as low foaming to facilitate fast rinsing. Special compounding allows TFR to be used manually as well as in automatic and pressure washing operations.

Additionally, TFR ™ can be used as a steam jenny cleaner for degreasing engines and washing fleets of trucks and school buses. TFR ™ is designed as a one step cleaner for exterior and interior use that is applied and rinsed off without the use of scrubbing or rubbing. This particular dispersant-based product is designed to work in oil water separators to facilitate use in environmentally sensitive areas.

TFR ™ is also designed to be used on hi-gloss paint surfaces, and like many other products from W.O.W! TFR ™ will leave an instant shine that bubbles on the surfaces after initial washing to retard re-soiling. Available in High Foam, and scented for self serve and tunnel wash applications.

User friendly.
Rinses easily.
Environmentally responsible.
Corrosion Inhibited.

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Flash point – none to boiling
Health – 0
Water solubility – complete
Flammability – 0
Boiling point – near 212F
Color – GOLD
Reactivity – 0
Pers. Prot. – 1

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