Ol’ Blood ‘n Gutz

Ol’ Blood ‘n Gutz™

Ol’ Blood ‘n Gutz™

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Ol’ Blood-n-Gutz Onboard / Fish Station Cleaner / Degreaser
Heavier-duty specialty formulation designed to easily clean fish prep areas onboard, even on dried incrustations.

Ol' Blood 'n Gutz™

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Ol’ Blood-n-Gutz™ is a heavier-duty specially formulated, concentrated low-foaming blood-n-guts degreaser cleaner. It is designed to easily clean fish prep areas onboard sport fishers, fish cleaning stations, and commercial fishing boats.

Ol’ Blood-n-Gutz™ even works on dried incrustations from baked conditions caused by sunlight or ignored conditions.

Ol’ Blood-n-Gutz™ can be used in automatic wash systems onboard, rinse stations, exit chutes, and in processing facilities too and detail operations as well. Hook up to your feed line and use at 1:5-1:25. Decreased amounts of rinse water may be necessary due to increased efficiency of Ol’ Blood-n-Gutz.

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