Xzoom™  –

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Instantly removes Paint Overspray, Primer Overspray,, Paint Scuffs, and Bridge Paint Overspray, Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Lane Paint Splash Up Remover & Adhesive Residue remover. Xzoom™  Does in Seconds What Clay Bar Takes Hours To Do™



Also works on:, PAINTED SURFACES, CERAMIC TILE, SCHOOL DESKS, GLAZED TILE, VINYL, FIBERGLASS, PLEXIGLAS, GLASS, MARBLE, FILE CABINETS, SCHOOL LOCKERS, CLOSED-CELL POLYETHYLENE PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT, STOP SIGNS, SPEED LIMIT SIGNS, CAR, TRUCK AND BUS BODIES. Easily removes overspray and paint scuffs on vehicle surfaces, without abrasives, and will not harm glass, chrome, stainless steel, paint or cleared surfaces, when used as directed. Used by leading DOT, Highway Depts., and NYS Thruway Authorities
Non Flammable*

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Xzoom™   removes spray paint and paint overspray from most surfaces as easily as wiping on and wiping off, residue. In most cases, Xzoom™  will not remove any clear coat or substrate finish when used as directed. In some cases, such as on brick and concrete, a rinse may be required for large areas, and a finish of DISAPPEAR Lemon Furniture Polish may be used to return luster to the surface if it is painted, vinyl or leather.

Odor – Watermelon / Bubble Gum
Boiling Point – 323F
Walter solubility – Miscible
Color – Yellow
Flash Point – 200F

Also ask about Xzoom™ for paint overspray and scuff removal for interior and exterior applications.