SSR™ Stainless Steel Restorer

SSR™ Stainless Steel Restorer


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The innovative Stainless Steel & Decorative Metal Stain Remover & Restorer; Calcium/Sodium Chloride Neutralizer, Rust & Lime Scale Remover. NON CORROSIVE.

Knaak SSR™

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SSR™ is a revolutionary super-duty cleaner for the most difficult soils and stains in the metal working parts, process stainless and aluminum rail cars, automobile undersides as a calcium/sodium chloride rinse, and masonry washing markets. One application for SSR™ is to use it like an acid, THOUGH IT IS NOT CORROSIVE.

SSR™ can also be used as a stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and metal restorative. SSR™ is a specially blended combination non-corrosive, biodegradable, non-butyl based cleaner that is user and environmentally friendly. When used as directed it’s NON-CORROSIVE and is dispersant-based.

SSR™ also works great on soap scum, hard water stain, shower stall stains, removing tarnish from chrome, grout, rust stains on toilets and build-up remover. Works great as a presoak for stained ware wash ; a salt water residue remove for marine markets, boat hulls, “tea” stains and as an aluminum boat cleaner.

12 x 32 oz for toilet bowls.

User Friendly.
Rinses Easily and Fast.
Environmentally Friendly.
Never Clogs Valves or Jets.

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Flash point: none
Health: 0
Water solubility: complete
Flammability: 0
Boiling point: near 212F
Color: Light Green
Reactivity: 0
Pers. Prot.: 1