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Removes: Permanent Ink (Magic Marker), Pen Ink, Advertising Wrap/Paint Wrap Residue, Adhesive Sticker Residue & Paint Transfer Scuffs from Ceramic … Stainless Steel, Gelcoat, Painted Vehicles, Glass, Plexiglass … Glazed … and more!

Grafitti-A-Go-Go™ removes permanent ink and spray paint from most surfaces as easily as wiping on and wiping off, and in most cases will not remove any of the substrate finish.

In some cases, such as on brick and concrete, a rinse may be required for large areas, and a finish of W.O.W! Brands™ Inc. DISAPPEAR Lemon Furniture Polish may be used to return luster to the surface.

An Organic, Non Poisonous, Non Flammable, Advertising/Painted Wrap Residue Remover, that  is Prop 65, Safe and Reach Compliant, for use in California, and the EU without needing for workplace placarding.

12 x 32 oz Quart metal cans
4 x 1 gal metal jugs
5 gal metal jugs
55 gal steel drums
275 gal steel totes
Also available in 5,000 gallon and 10,000 gallon rail cars, tanker trucks or sea totes.

User and environment friendly.
Rinses easily and fast.


Flash point – 195F
Health – 0
Water solubility – part soluble
Flammability – 0*
Boiling point – near 212F
Color – gold
Reactivity – 0
Pers. Prot – 1

* According to ASTM