Boris Carbonoff™

Boris Carbonoff™

Boris Carbonoff™

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Boris Carbonoff™

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Specifically formulated to work used manually or with steam and hot water pressure cleaners.

BORIS CARBONOFF™ is a heavy-duty light rail, heavy rail, commuter car, transit bus, trolley bus exterior, interior, maintenance of way (M.O.W.) cleaner and heavy-rail commuter car under car care cleaning compound.

It removes carbon and iron oxide staining, plus everyday dirt and grime on stations as well as a spot cleaner on tops, sides and areas of light and heavy rail cars utilizing overhead electrification, third rail and diesel. BORIS CARBONOFF™ cleans insulators to reduce arcing, cleans years long build-up on the tops, sides and bottoms of light rail, heavy commuter and passenger rail cars, and also cleans condenser coils of AC units (as the plus version).

This super-heavy-duty liquid cleaner is specially formulated for the manual and automatic washing of light and heavy rail cars utilizing overhead electrification.

BORIS CARBONOFF™ is designed to be user and environmentally friendly and is corrosion-inhibited so as to not affect materials used in vehicle construction such as rubber seals, windows or paint.

Additional benefits are that BORIS CARBONOFF™ will leave a shine on the surface being cleaned to resist the effects of re-soiling.

For tunnel, viaduct, bridge, underpass and badly built-up soil and fatty-oil substance surfaces, dilute 1:5 – 1:25, apply, let sit, and BLAST OFF!

…Locomotives, MOW, Tunnels, Subterranean Stations, UnderCar Cleaning, Ovens, Grease Filters, Commercial BBQ Grills, Broilers. Wood Burning Systems, Ovens and Smokers!

1 gal.
5 gal.
15 gal.
30 gal drum.
55 gal drum.
275 gal tote.
5,000 gallon and 10,000 gallon rail
cars, tanker trucks or sea totes.

User and environment friendly.
Leaves a shine on the surface to resist re-soiling.
Rinses easily and fast.

Flash Point – None
Health – 0
Water Solubility – Complete
Flammability – 0
Boiling Point – Approx. 212°F
Color – Blue-Gray
Reactivity – 0
Personal Protection – 1

boris carbonoff before and after