Bead It™ Wash-n-Shine Compound

Bead It ™ Wash-n-Shine Compound

Bead It!™

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Manual or Automatic Car, RV or Boat Wash-n-Shine Compound for Exterior and Interior Cleaning That Beads Upon Wetting.

Bead It!™

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Bead It!™ can be used to clean exteriors and interiors of the C-RV-B vehicles as well as other modes of fleet vehicles, such as trucks, motor homes and planes. This non-caustic based material is most economical as well as higher fast break foaming to facilitate fast rinsing. Special compounding allows Bead It!™ to be used manually as well as in automatic and pressure washing operations.

Bead It!™ is designed as a one step cleaner for exterior and interior use that is applied and rinsed off without the use of excessive scrubbing or rubbing. Bead It!™ is also designed to be used on hi-gloss paint surfaces, and like many other products from W.O.W! Brand Products Bead It!™ will leave an instant shine that beads on the surfaces after initial washing and rain.. WILL NOT AFFECT FRESH CLEAR! In and of itself , Bead It!™ will not smear windshields, yet offers crisp water removal.

User friendly.
Rinses easily.
Environmentally responsible.
Corrosion Inhibited.

Flash point: none to boiling
Health: 0
Water solubility: complete
Flammability: 0
Boiling point: near 212F
Color: Clear
Reactivity: 0
Odors: Non Scents
Pers. Prot.: 1