Achieve™ with Grit

ACHIEVE™ Hand Cleaner

Achieve™ with Grit

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Heavy duty skin cleanser

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ACHIEVE Hand Cleaner with Grit is a heavy-duty skin cleanser fortified with pumice and a “Secret Emollient” made for anti-skin chapping and cracking. It is specially formulated for cleansing, softening and conditioning the skin, and to prevent severe re-soiling of the skin. Great for removing engine grease, printers ink, lamp black, elemental and petroleum carbon dust and other stubborn soils. Keeps skin soft for days to reduce chapping. Will not clog drains.

8oz. Bottles (case of 12)
16oz. Bottles (case of 12)
32oz. Bottles (case of 12)
1 gal. (case of 4)
5 ga.l pail
55 gal. drum

Water Solubility: Soluble
Odor: Citrus
Color: White
Shelf Life: 1 year