Professional Cleaning Products for Municipalities & Trades

W.O.W! Brand Products™ – Cleaning Products for Municipalities

Municipalities are finding that W.O.W! Brand Products™ are the smart choice for heavy-duty cleaning of transit vehicles, bus barns, municipal buildings, and parking lots.

Achieve™ with Grit

Heavy-duty skin cleanser

  • Heavy-duty skin cleanser fortified with pumice and a “Secret Emollient” made for anti-skin chapping and cracking
  • Formulated for cleansing, softening and conditioning the skin
  • Helps prevent severe re-soiling of the skin
  • Great for removing engine grease, printers ink, lamp black, elemental and petroleum carbon dust and other stubborn soils
  • Keeps skin soft for days to reduce chapping
  • Will not clog drains

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Bead It™ Wash-n-Shine Compound

One-step manual or automatic car, RV or boat wash-n-shine compound for exterior and interior cleaning that beads upon wetting

  • One step cleaner for exterior and interior use that is applied and rinsed off without the use of excessive scrubbing or rubbing
  • Can be used on hi-gloss paint surfaces
  • Leaves an instant shine that beads on the surfaces after initial washing and rain
  • Will not affect fresh clear
  • Will not smear windshields, yet offers crisp water removal.

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Boris CarbonOff™

Famous degreasing cleaner

  • Cleans LRV (light rail vehicles) / HRV (high rail) / Locomotives
  • Can be diluted
  • No scrub performance
  • Also cleans transit platforms and transit/vehicular tunnels
  • Great for use on diesel, 3rd rail & overhead powered transit vehicles
  • Good environmental profile

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Grafitti A Go-Go™

Interior / exterior surface graffiti & gross soil remover

An Organic, Non Poisonous, Non Flammable, Advertising/Painted Wrap Residue Remover, that is Prop 65, Safe and Reach Compliant, for use in California, and the EU without needing workplace placarding.

Interior/Exterior surface graffiti, gross soil, wrap residue,  paint scuff remover, and makes yellow vehicle warning strips…YELLOW~!

Safe to use on polycarbonate and polycarbonate lenses.

  • Non-flamamble, non-carcinogenic
  • Works “before your eyes”
  • No elbow grease required
  • Works on many surfaces
  • Biodegradable
  • Made with DfE listed ingredients
  • Does not cotain methylene chloride, isoparaffinic solvents, acetone or perc.

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The Green Stuff™

Single MSDS, multi-function (25+) quat-based exterior surface and interior surface cleaner, degreaser & gross soil remover

  • One product creates 25+ different end-use application products covering 90% of all Interior and Exterior cleaning applications
  • Environmentally friendlier concentrate that is free of bleach, caustic soda, gylcol ethers and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs).
  • Can be used in Unifoamer, automatic, and pressure wash systems
  • Low foaming with quick dissipation foam
  • Easy-rinsing
  • Removes light to medium duty carbon-based soils from a multitude of surfaces…from window glass and Lexan® to the scrubbing and stripping of floors and EVERTHING in-between from hard and soft surfaces
  • Lowers end-user cleaning chemical costs by up to 30% and more
  • Available in Mini, Maxi, Squeezer

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ALSO AVAILABLE: The Green Stuff (Formally GS Approved 2016 MEETS OR EXCEEDS GS-37)

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Harpo™ Metal Stain Remover & Restorer

Non-corrosive to skin aluminum wheel cleaner, fuel tank, tanker, exterior/interior stain remover, restorer

  • A non-ammoniated/non-grit restorer
  • Use on aluminum, chrome, stainless steel & as decorative metal stain remover & restorer
  • Removes acid rain stains, rust, & neutralizes chlorides and oxidation
  • Not corrosive to most alloys & skin

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Does in minutes what a clay bar takes hours to do. xzoom effortlessly removes acid rain, tree sap, adhesive sticker, environmental contaminants, paint, clear, primer overspray and paint scuff

  • Designed for use on cars, trucks, LRV-HRV rail vehicles, planes and trains
  • Removes permanent ink, primer and spray paint from most of the above surfaces as easily as wiping on and wiping off
  • When used as directed, in most cases will not remove any of the substrate finish
  • Spray on, allow dwell time, gently rub and wipe off

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Multi™ Brake Cleaner

Brake cleaner, carb & choke cleaner, engine degreaser, air intake cleaner, mass air flow sensor cleaner, electric parts cleaner, bench top degreaser, and electric motor cleaner

  • Made with Very Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VLVOC) technology
  • California 2010 VOC compliant
  • <10% VOC
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants)
  • No CFCs
  • Residue-Free

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The ONE™ Hyper-Concentrated Quaternary-Based Degreasing SystemThe ONE™ Hyper-Concentrated Quaternary-Based Degreasing System

A hyper-concentrate, quaternary-based, degreasing cleaner system for vehicle detail and total facility cleaning

  • Highly concentrated DEGREASING CLEANER concentrate for industrial users
  • Dilution system in four (4) colors for color-coding programs
  • Use in facilities, detail, get -ready, custodial, BSC carpet cleaning services, schools, hotel/motel operations, cruise lines, ferries, and in both institutional and residential applications
  • Formulated for cold, cool, warm or hot water programs; both, manual or automatic steam and hot water pressure cleaners
  • Reduces end-user costs by up to 30% GUARANTEED
  • Creates many different end user variables

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Washes vehicles clean in a rainstorm

  • High foaming to assure all areas of vehicle are covered (“know where you’ve washed” foam)
  • Great flash runoff
  • Reduced hard water spotting
  • “No need to wax” results
  • Great on cars, yachts, planes, RV’s

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SSR™ Stainless Steel Restorer

The innovative, non-corrosive stainless steel & decorative metal stain remover & restorer; calcium/sodium chloride neutralizer, rust & lime scale remover.

  • A revolutionary super-duty cleaner for the most difficult soils and stains in the metal working parts and
  • airplane surfaces
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-butyl based cleaner, bio-degradable
  • Won’t clog valves or jets
  • Rinses easily and quickly
  • Formulated for follow-up use with SSM (Stainless Steel Maintainer)

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S.S.M.™ Stainless Steel & Fine Metal Maintainer

Our TRUE water based product with our NaNo NaNo™ Polymer technology for maintaining stainless steel, chrome and other surfaces in “like new” condition

  • Unique water-in-water system, that imparts our NaNo NaNo™ Polymer technology to protect stainless steel and chrome surfaces.
  • Enables spot-cleaning without uneven finish, i.e. “Clean Only the Smudge”
  • Imparts a smooth finish that does not attract dust, dirt or airborne contaminants
  • Returns the beauty of stainless back to newly polished look
  • Non-oil based
  • Great for motorcycles, classic cars, RV’s, boats, yachts, motor homes, OTR rigs

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TFR Plus™

Transportation cleaner & interior cleaner film remover with instant shine formula

  • One-step cleaner for exterior and interior surfaces
  • Apply and rinse off without the use of additional front, side or rear end scrubbing or rubbing
  • Dispersant-based product is designed to work in oil water separators to facilitate use in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Can be used on hi-gloss paint surfaces
  • Leaves an instant shine that bubbles on the surfaces after initial washing to retard re-soiling
  • Available in high foam, and scented for self-serve and tunnel wash applications
  • Exceeds New York City Transit Authority Bus Wash Specifications

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ProxyD™- A Peroxide -Based Sanitizer/Disinfectant

A Peroxide-Based Sanitizer/Disinfectant

  • Market Exclusive Peroxide Disinfectant
  • Available through our distributors ONLY!
  • Effective across the widest swath of pathogens
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Wipe-Away™ Adhesive/Rubber Remover

Adhesive residue and rubber scuff mark remover

  • Easily removes multiple adhesive residues and heavy rubber scuffs
  • Works on a variety of surfaces including plexiglass
  • In most cases, will not remove any of the substrate finish
  • Can be used in scrubbers for large areas, such as airplane hangers

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Colored Aluminum Extrusion Restorer

  • Restores dull, faded, and oxidized aluminum window frames to look like new
  • Improves the look of your property.
  • Provides UV protection against the harsh sun
  • Maintain the beautiful look of your windows

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  • Bacto-Stat Hand Soap – Anti-bacterial medicated lotion hand soap
  • Match-Up Wipes – Wipe-on finish for individual tile replacement
  • Accent Wipes – Wipe-on gloos finish for woodwork
  • Vomit-Up – Liquid solidifier for clean-up of body fluids
  • Aunti-Foam – Defoamer for cleaning equipment