Grout Cleaner-The Best Product for Cleaning

Oscar The Grout Cleaner:

The easy to apply and maintain systems to get your tile and grout looking new again and keeping it that way.


Oscar The Grout, Cleaner, Our spray on , wipe off grout cleaner, brings dirty kitchen, bathroom, BBQ, rear end  and other areas where floor and wall grout get greasy,filthy, surfaces, literally bring  floor grout and tile  back to life. Liberally Spray on Oscar The Grout Cleaner under stream about 6-8” from the grout line as  the soils appear to  bounce off the surface. It is recommended to apply in areas of 2-4 sq ft at a time so that Oscar The Grout Cleaner does not dry out needing reapplication . Let solution sit, and wipe it off with a terry towel. You can literally see the grout turn white while we are spraying the grout with Oscar The Grout Cleaner.

Rinse with water. Dry. With a clean towel Repeat as needed on trouble areas. Oscar, The Grout Cleaner can be used on all exterior and interior grout and tile surfaces of your home or business.


Once cleaned, rinsed  and dried,  we then move on to the sealer phase, with Oscar, The Grout Sealer.

Initial application: Oscar,  The Grout Sealer, is to be applied to the just cleaned

Application of Oscar, The Grout Sealer, is a commercial gradelilquid grout sealer never before seen outside of the commercial or contractor marketplace. This durable, non silicone sealer will last years when maintained according to directions.

Diections: Apply 2 coats of Oscar, The Grout Sealer to prevent resoiling.  Then maintain with Issac Newtral and keep the grout clean in between with cleaning function done on a weekly basis. When you see the sacrificial layer  wearing down, clean the surface with Issac Newtral, rinse, let dry  and then apply another coat or two, as the top layer will become the sacrificial layer or the layer that gets trafficked most


Care with Grout Cleaner

Depending on location of grout , tile and soil loads it carries, caring for the newly cleaned and sealed surfaces. If heavy accumulations of oil , grease, and food stuffs and grit or soap and water; or alkalines and or acids, care for these surfaces will be crucial to them looking great today, tomorrow, next month and next year   .

For greasy dirty conditions, you may need to keep the surface clean by mopping and or scrubbing 3x-4x a day during times when  in operation, with sweeping in between, to as little as 1-2x/week or after showering  if used at home in shower , in kitchen or on patio.

An ounce of prevention and care usually provides a lifetime of beauty